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Across All Boundaries, being a Non-Denominational Interracial and Multi-Cultural Church, welcomes believers of every Nation, Tribe, and Tongue to join us to carry out the mandate to build the Kingdom of our God left to believers in Yahshua (Jesus Christ)! 


We believe in crossing all borders and boundaries in the natural for the Kingdom and are only restricted and restrained by Yahweh's' Spirit and Law in the spirit. Ours is a church that believes in releasing the Power and Authority of Yahweh’s Word in the Believer’s life, thereby helping them to shed the limits of being “boxed in” in any area of their lives! Lives are being impacted at Across All Boundaries as “The Lion Roars” the mentality of the world’s standards and the bondage of “church as usually” is destroyed!

Bishop Dr. Shel'don Hudson

Apostle Bishop

Jeremy Ashford


Carol Woodard


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AAB Locations


720 Old Clemson Rd,

Columbia, SC 29229


2821 E Magnolia Ave

Knoxville, TN 37917